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100% of profits made on online sales are donated to Unlikely Hikers.

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about the artist

Halz is an interdisciplinary artist residing in Northern Idaho. She is currently enrolled in the Arts Leadership and Cultural Management (M.A.L.C.M) Master's program with Colorado State University after receiving her Bachelor's Degree in Fine Art from Lewis & Clark College (Portland Oregon) in May of 2022.

During her studies, Halz focused heavily on developing skills and experience in a variety of mediums including ceramics, fiber, and digital arts; although she continues to focus primarily on drawing and painting.

Along with her love for the arts, Halz has several years of experience working in outdoor recreation. This experience has created a love for the outdoors, and a passion for the preservation of planet Earth. These themes contribute to Hālz's work in both subject matter and materials the artist utilizes.

"It is my mission to make my work as environmentally conscious as possible. I do this by utilizing materials donated to me, thrifting materials, buying locally, or utilizing natural fibers or materials. This is a goal I continue to work toward and plan to make describe the entirety of my work in the near future." -Halz

Today Halz works for Schweitzer Mountain Resort with goals of becoming a Special Events Manager, and continues to develop her artwork inspired by the environmental and social justice. With this, she donates 100% of the profits made to an organization called Unlikely Hikers. The mission of this organization aligns closely with Halz's, as they aim to bring opportunities to under-represented communities who would like to experience the outdoors. Halz's overall goal is to utilize her career as a vessel toward promoting human and environmental rights.

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